Questions about pueraria mirifica

How much can I expect to grow?

Women under the age of 25 may be able to increase their breasts by more than two cup sizes, while “older folks” usually gain one or two cup sizes. Growth of more than three cup sizes through hormonal means has been reported, but this is the exception, not the typical.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Most people notice increased fullness within three or weeks and have measurable growth within two months. Just like during puberty, breast enlargement takes time.

Does the Pueraria Mirifica work for everybody?

While Pueraria Mirifica works for the vast majority (97%) of all people who try it, nothing works for everybody. Your age, weight, and genetics will determine your final results.

How does natural breast enlargement work?

Well, it is not a magic! Natural breast enlargement works by targeting the breasts and duplicating the hormonal conditions of an adolescent girl.

Will this have any other feminizing effects besides breast enlargement?

As your testosterone level decreases, you may find yourself feeling less aggressive and more emotional than normal. Your hair may become thicker and you may notice a decrease in acne. It is also possible that some fat from your abdomen may be redistributed to your hips and behind. These effects do not happen to everybody.

Will my nipples also get bigger as I enlarge my breasts?

Yes; however, the exact degree of enlargement depends upon your age.

Will my results be permanent?

Yes! You will not have to maintain your results with herbs or hormones once you have achieved the results you desire. However slight shrinkage is possible.

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