What is Pueraria Mirifica

Short and simple – it is a plant, grown in subtropical climate in the Northern Provinces of Thailand, Myanmar (frm: Burma), Vietnam and Cambodia. The source of phyto-estrogens is the root on the plant, although can be found in leaves and stems, they were discarded during manufacturing process.
Pueraira Mirifca cultivated in the controlled environment (farms) has higher levels of miroestrol comparing to wild samples due to better farming practices, soil nutritions control, as well as proper melioration.
After maturity, it is being harvested, cleaned, pealed, dried, scrupulously checked, and processed into the fine powder. Then – another checkpoint. This time for purity from any pollutions – organic or non-organic. Finally powder is being filled into V-capsules (V for vegetarian, made from glue-like substance derived for the rice) and packed into bottles: 100 capsules of 500up mg each.
We follow the GMP rule – Good Manufacturing Practices during whole process.

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